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meet the faces behind the posts. 

Marcus Ortiz & Ian Lightfoot are a young gay couple that fell in love in San Francisco, California. Our story is full of happiness, excitement, anger, confusion, arguments, and makeups, but most of all, our story is full of love. We take pride in our resilience, our ability to bounce back from difficult times, and our dedication to pursuing what we love the most: each other. 

We fell in love with content creation in the summer of 2020, when we started our TikTok account. We learned what it meant to film, edit, produce, and publish content, and we uncovered passions that we didn't know we had. We've been through quarantine together, cross-country long distance, and now living in the same apartment–and we've only grown closer doing it.

Welcome to the family. We can't wait for what's ahead, and we hope you'll stay along for the ride. 

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